Title IX diagram

In September 2016, UT President Joe DiPietro appointed a special, independent commission to review and address Title IX compliance across the UT System. The commission released a report of its findings in June 2017.

Utilizing the commission’s report, national benchmarking, and current research, the University of Tennessee has identified our Title IX commitment. Grounded in the Social Ecological Model, the University’s Title IX commitment emphasizes five key areas:

  1. Policy: Our foundation is in the policy and procedures we follow.

  2. Prevention & Education: Our goal is to prevent sexual misconduct, relationship violence, stalking, and retaliation before they happen.

  3. Support & Interim Measures: Our promise is to provide support and appropriate interim measures to individuals involved in the Title IX process.

  4. Investigation & Resolution: Our commitments to due process, campus safety, and encouraging reporting guide how we investigate and resolve reports.

  5. Patterns & Trends: Our responsibility is to use the best available research, evidence-based practice, and our own campus and institute trends in our prevention and response efforts.